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How I Got My Life Back

I had a chance to do the InBody testing this morning…now I am sitting here at my computer in tears…happy tears!!! When I started at The Fast Factory in November of 2014 I came in defeated, not only physically, but mentally as well. My life was solely centered around the well-being of three little munchkins…neglecting myself was a given. Everything changed the day I joined The Fast Factory. My body fat percentage was 32.3%. I was pretty devastated by that. Fast forward to today(after 6 months of grueling WODS and nutrition education) my body fat is 19.5%. So, I am literally sitting here with tears and I wanted to Thank you and all of the coaches for everything you do for the deflated souls who walk through the door needing a pick-me-up. Because being a mom is important work, but it’s hard to remember to take care of ourselves…now I understand that I can do both! Can’t wait to see what the WLC brings…maybe the first time I will feel good in a swimsuit in 6... read more

[Before & After Photo] Why the scale lies and what it taught me!

My 30 Day Bootcamp Journey  I didn’t share my nutritional story yesterday because its hard to explain how much I have gained in self esteem and confidence about my body while going through bootcamp. This is my 2nd round of bootcamp and I will tell you going into my first one my idea of bootcamp was way different. I expected to lose a crap load of weight….I didn’t. I lost close to 7 lbs, and was disappointed. Then I took my after picture….holy crap!!! I looked stronger and happier. I looked like I lost a lot more weight but, it wasn’t just that, when I come here I feel like I am part of something. I just want to thank all the coaches for pushing me out of my comfort zone and believing in me when I was at my lowest. I posted my before and after picture from the last boot camp. It is not always about that damn scale. Thanks,Amy... read more

[Before & After Photo] Stop With The Excuses, How I Crushed My Baby Weight!

So never in a million years did I think I would be putting up pictures of myself. But I also never thought I would let myself and my body get to the point to which it did. Abby’s pre & post baby picture made me want to do this. Unfortunately the before pictures were only two months ago on January 4th (Madden being almost 16 months old). I continued to make excuses for myself when it came to working out and eating healthy. I have always loved working out but I had a hard time putting myself first and taking the time to care for myself.. and I let myself down. After Christmas break, I was so unhappy with myself and my body. I asked my husband to take the pictures of me — man were those hard to look at. I started to cry and his words to me were.. “all you have to do is start doing what you love again.” •• meaning Crossfit. I started back with Crossfit exactly two months ago as well as changing my eating habits.. and not only can I tell a difference in my body image but also my day to day attitude, energy, concentration, & motivation! I love working out and being a part of Crossfit. This positive change in my life has made me a better mom, wife, coworker, & friend! Thanks to the coaches for never giving up on me and always being so encouraging! –... read more

Our Story

We loved the “community” feeling that was promised to us (despite our disbelief). We found people, who motivated us to perform better, do better and just be better not because we weren’t acceptable the way we were but because they believed in us for something more. Humans have an innate desire/need to feel a part of something- to be involved-to belong somewhere. Satisfying this need allows for a person to fulfill self esteem needs and ultimately self actualization or realizing one’s full potential in his or her life. Not everyone finds this something to be a part of or a place where they feel they belong. Thankfully, my husband and I did, but the funny thing is we didn’t even know we were looking for that! Here is our story of how we found where we belong. My husband, Tony, and I were what you would consider a fairly normal couple in our early thirties. Neither of us a stranger to hard work, we strived for the careers we have; myself as a registered nurse and my husband as a network systems engineer. Between working full time, three kids, home maintenance, family and friends, our fitness goals were nonexistent. While we both shared a fondness for sports and athleticism, neither of us were what people would consider athletic. Not to mention the sluggish fat around our middles that rendered us both weak when it came to any “real” activity. While we were happy overall, we knew we wanted better for ourselves and our kids. We have had attempts at gym memberships and attempts to work out at home; both... read more