Plaid & PRs | Friday Night Lights Week 2

By March 6, 2017Community

We’re well into the swing of things with the second installment of Friday Night Lights now in the books. The theme of the evening was Hillbilly Night, and you did not disappoint. Athletes and spectators alike rocked plaid button-downs, cut-offs, cowboy boots, pig tails, trucker hats, overalls and even some really bad tattoos. If we were to hand out an award for best costume though, Paul Greenwaldt would have it locked down. Watching him lap the floor before his heat in a motorized mini-tractor—complete with its very own supply of Busch Light— as the audience roared with laughter was definitely a highlight of the night!

For anyone keeping track (so everyone, then?), we’re now two weeks deep into the Open with still nary a barbell in sight. After making their Open debut in 17.1, dumbbells again took center stage in 17.2, which consisted partially of 50’ dumbbell lunges and 8 dumbbell cleans. And sandwiched in between these two movements was one of those wonderful opportunities in which we get to experience the magic of the Open. Rx called for toes to bar and bar muscle ups, while Scaled prescribed knees to chest and pull ups. On both sides, we were treated to some memorable firsts.

Brittany Richter took the floor hoping to get her first pull up—and walked away with two! Way to go, Brittany! Hayden Roelofs spent Friday morning with his dad learning to do his very first pull ups. Come Friday evening, Hayden absolutely crushed it, coming away with 32 pull ups to his name (that’s two full rounds, people!!). And our very own Coach Abby Welinski, having said she’d be happy with two muscle ups, came away with a total of four! See, that’s the magic of FNL and the Open—you’re pushed to do things you didn’t imagine yourself capable of. And at the end, you might walk away with the realization that your limits are no longer your limits.

On that note, let’s talk about Shana Nelson for a moment. Last week, she had the crowd screaming its approval as she blazed through the final 15 burpee box jumps to finish 17.1 just under the wire. This week, she brought that determination and heart again, facing down the bar with just one single-minded purpose: she wasn’t leaving without her first bar muscle up. Finally, after many agonizingly close almosts and nearly-theres, as the clock ticked down the final minute, it happened, and the Factory nearly exploded with the roar of the crowd.

But the excitement didn’t end there, either! During Sunday make-ups, Jess Swanson stepped up to the bar and knocked 17.2 out of the park. Having exactly zero bar muscle ups to her name, this amazing coach, wife and mother of four proceeded to crank out not just one, but 12! All we can say to that is WOW.

After such a memorable night of friends, fitness and firsts, we can hardly wait for next Friday night (here’s hoping we finally get our hands on a barbell!). You’re gonna want to brush off your best bell bottoms and groovy dance moves, because the Factory is heading back to the disco era with 70’s Night for Week #3, sponsored by The Loft Salon.

We’ll see you all Friday under the lights!