70s Funky Fitness | Friday Night Lights Week 3

By March 13, 2017Community

Well folks, it took 3 weeks, but we finally got to hoist a barbell in the 2017 Open. Much to the delight of many of us, 17.3 brought squat snatches with it—and a lot of them at that. Paired with C2B in an ascending/descending ladder of reps and weights, athletes were challenged to complete their prescribed reps within consecutive time caps in order to earn the right to keep going. And many did. But what impressed us the most was the spirit of determination that came along with this one.

Like any Friday Night Lights worth its salt, this week brought with it a theme. Athletes and spectators showed up sporting their finest bell bottoms, tie dye, big hair, peasant tops and paisley prints. And the fringe—there was fringe as far as the eye could see. And, of course, we saw some truly groovy sequined disco regalia. Our own DJ Matt was in the house and on-point all night, spinning the biggest hits of the era and cracking up the crowd with memorable selections such as “It’s Raining Men” and “I Will Survive” introducing our final two heats of the night!

Every week, you turn out in force and show us what the Open is truly about. This week was no different. It’s altogether too easy to get caught up in the hype of the Open as the first step to finding the fittest on earth. But the truth is, for 99.99% of us, it’s not about being the best. It’s about community. It’s about friendship. It’s about believing in yourself. And it’s about pushing limits. For us, the Open is about the athlete who shows up determined to do their best and winds up PR’ing their snatch by 20#… For reps. It’s the athlete who has never snatched in their life learning 10 minutes before their heat time in the warm-up area. It’s the athlete who goes out there and leaves it all out on the floor, whether that means 20 reps or 200 reps.

Whichever way you look at it, 17.3 was a heck of a lot of fun to watch. Athletes like Tash Neu and Michael Eagle had the crowd on their feet and gathered round as they worked their way through increasingly heavy snatch weights. And it was positively raining PRs all night long, as evidenced by the cheering crowd and grinning faces of athletes. The sheer number of Factorites who walked away from 17.3 with a new personal best is staggering. Just take a look:

  • AJ Thoms – First barbell snatches (Sunday)!
  • Cory Anderson – First barbell snatches (Sunday)!
  • Jess Basol – First barbell snatches, hit 63# on Friday night
  • JoAnna Lodermeier – Hit 55# while performing her first-ever snatches
  • Jordan Eggert – 135# squat snatches—plural! (first time squat snatching)
  • Erin Talberg – PR’ed with a 105# squat snatch
  • Cat Standfuss – Got her very first 93# squat snatch
  • Terryll Bienek – Snatched 55#, a big jump from the 15# bar
  • Megan Vetsch Johnson – Hit 73# for a power snatch and overhead squat PR combo
  • Tonya Maciej – Hit a 93# snatch PR
  • Brady Olson – Snatched a 135# PR (while nursing a bum shoulder!)
  • Joe Bovy – Hit a 115# squat snatch
  • Kristen Jones – On Sunday, Kristen PR’ed her squat snatch by 20#. Oh, and finished the scaled workout.

Thank you all for a night of non-stop excitement and laughs (and Ron Molus for sharing his epic hula hooping skills with us!). It’s hard to believe we’re already over halfway through this year’s Open, with only two nights left. Week 4 will be sponsored by Quick Fix Cryo, who will be onsite with a portable cryo unit available to athletes, and beer for the evening is sponsored by Elysian Brewing and Michelob Ultra! The theme is St Patty’s Day—you know what to do! Break out the green garb and channel the luck of the Irish as we face down whatever Dave Castro has in store for us.

Until next week!