St. Paddy’s Day Repeat | Friday Night Lights Week 4

If you pay even a passing amount of attention to the CrossFit Open, then you know there’s always a repeat in the mix. And how couldn’t there be? Retesting workouts is a cornerstone of the CrossFit methodology. So what better way to measure progress than to recreate the test?

This year’s repeat reared its head as 16.4, cleverly rechristened as 17.4, a 13-minute chipper of 55 dead lifts, 55 wall balls, 55 calories on the rower and 55 handstand push-ups/hand release push-ups. On paper, it looks a bit daunting. In real life, it’s far worse. But, embracing the suck is what we do best, and this one didn’t phase Factorites at all.

The Factory was a mass of green on Friday night as athletes, spectators and judges alike embraced the St Paddy’s Day theme. Beer was flowing thanks to Elysian Brewing and Michelob Ultra. Athletes got a little extra TLC from Williams Integracare and Quick Fix Cryo (onsite to give athletes complimentary cryo sessions). DJ Matt Mortensen brought the jams and kept the place hopping all night as heat after heat of athletes set to work on 17.4.

The jitters accompanying any Open workout were amplified on Friday night at the Factory for those who’ve tackled this one before. Not only did you retesters know it was going to hurt, you also braved the possibility that your score may not be higher this year. And to do that in front of a crowd—well, we think it’s pretty amazing, whether or not you came out ahead of your 2016 self.

And although a retest is, above all, a snapshot of where your fitness lies—and depends on a great number of factors—we think it’s important to celebrate those who measured improvement in the last 365 days! Improvement can come in many forms. Maybe it’s a better score. Perhaps a faster tie-break time. Or even your very first Rx Open workout. All of these are accomplishments, so if that’s you, give yourself a pat on the back!

Here’s a peek at some of the milestones you achieved on Friday night:

1st Rx Open Workout:

  • Alisia Soenneker

Faster Tie-Break Time:

  • Kristen Jones

1st Rx Push-Ups:

  • Melissa Larson
  • Kate Pany
  • Jessica Basol
  • Dawn Camille
  • Terryll Beniek

More Reps Logged:

  • Amy Stephens (11 more push-ups)
  • Samantha Hilde (2 more HSPU – that’s double last year’s!)
  • Alex Peine (from 19 HSPU last year to 38 this year)
  • Amber Zlotnik (7 more HSPU – and fresh off vacation!)

Thank you all for another action-packed night chock-full of all the grit, determination and heart making the Factory such an inspiring place. Just one week remains, and it’s sure to be a memorable finale to an incredible 2017 Open season. Origin Meals will be on-hand doling out samples and selling meals for just $10 (a steal!). We’ll close out FNL with Fast Factory Spirit Night. Don your finest Factory attire, because we want to see a veritable sea of blue on the floor as we tackle what’s in store.

One last time this season—we’ll see you Friday under the lights.