The right person will solve our desire to enroll new members, coach and service our members to reach their personal goals, and coach group fitness classes across a diverse range of experienced and inexperienced athletes. You will guide members to excel beyond their wildest dreams…  It requires you to be skilled in the art of encouragement, motivation, engagement, and communication.

Responsibilities include articulating specialized fitness programming, informing members and prospective members about our specialized fitness programs, executing an educational strength and conditioning class for our members and assisting in community development and upcoming events..  As well as fulfilling both opening and closing duties to help preserve the presentation and longevity of our facilities.


  • 8-15 hours a week of coaching
  • 6-8  hour work shifts
  • Manage a membership roster
  • Answer phones, manage email accounts, and inform prospective members
  • Fulfill opening/closing gym responsibilities
  • Encourage participation in community events
  • Provide knowledgeable blog content to educate our members on lifestyle, health and fitness topics
  • Assist in organization and execution of community events
  • Communicate class feedback and findings to Operations Manager for further business improvement
  • Stimulate social media interaction that aligns with our team values and vision


The following skill sets will be needed to excel in this position:

  • Coaching – Be able to command the room and instruct functional movements for safe execution. Be fun, inspiring, humble, detail oriented and have technical exercise knowledge. Coaches are also expected to maintain the facility in a clean and orderly fashion for the safety of our members and staff.
  • Communication – Be able to listen with empathy and understanding. Be able to communicate clearly and concisely in a friendly, confident manner.
  • Member Service – Be able to show up to work on time, well groomed, in clean work apparel. Be organized, assertive, caring, detail oriented, empathetic, people oriented, problem solver and self motivated.
  • Business – Critical thinker, analytical, prioritizer, troubleshooter, basic computer knowledge including facebook, understands and believes in Fast Factory Fitness’s mission and vision, must abide by Fast Factory Fitness’s policies, procedures, and guidelines.


  • CPR certification required (within 30 days of employment)
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Fast Factory Professional Coach Development (registration upon hire)
  • Experience running or managing a business or group, leading a team, being apart of a team, and/or being a Coach, Personal Trainer


  • Prior to coaching unassisted or carrying out business driven job duties, the Coach will train with a mentor coach to ensure their success in the position.
  • Coaches are expected to keep fitness trainings up to date per Fast Factory Fitness guidelines.


  • Continuing education development
  • Service/Merchandise Discounts
  • Fast Factory Apparel

Application Instructions

Email cover letter, resume, and responses to the questions below with the subject title
“Full Time Coach – YOUR NAME”:

  • Why do you want to work at Fast Factory Fitness?
  • Why would someone want you to be his or her Coach?
  • What are your career interests, short term (1-3 yrs.) and long term (5yr.) goals?