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By May 17, 2017Fitness

Helen, Nancy, Eva, Murph, Badger, Griff, Glen….what do these “Girls” and “Hero” WODs have in common? RUNNING!

What shows up in our programming once the weather in Central Minnesota allows? RUNNING!

Running is a functional, natural movement.  We may not think we are a runner, we may not feel good while we run, and we may not WANT to run.  But, guess what? If you want to be well rounded in your fitness, if you want to enjoy many of the met-cons programmed at our gym April through October…running should definitely be a part of your routine.  You can learn to be efficient in technique, which makes running an effective mode to improve fitness level!   

CrossFit Endurance programming

is not only beneficial for the majority of athletes that are looking to improve general aerobic fitness, but can be used for athletes that are involved in endurance races (everything from 5k races to marathons to triathlons).  Running miles upon miles upon miles, aka: long slow distances, many times leads to overtraining injuries, adrenal fatigue and even slower race times.  

With CrossFit classes as your base and CrossFit Endurance workouts as a supplement, you are running less but becoming a better and faster runner.  You maintain muscle mass and have better recovery! Think quality over quantity!

The upcoming Run Club at Fast Factory is for everyone! Each class will include specific running form and technique drills to improve running efficiency.  We will focus on a proper warm up, before a workout that will vary over the 6 weeks between shorter and longer running intervals.

Join us on Thursday nights at 6pm, you WILL improve your running efficiency, your aerobic fitness, and let’s be real, running is much more fun with friends!!

The details:

Fast Factory Unlimited Memberships can attend Run Club classes at no additional cost.

Fast Factory 3x/week Memberships can add Run Club classes for $69 covering six weeks (ability to still attend 3 CrossFit classes + Run Club each week).

Non-Members are invited to join Run Club for $99 for six weeks!

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