The Science of Nutrition and Body Recomposition Seminar

Did you miss our last seminar?

We’re hosting a second Science of Nutrition and Body Recomposition Seminar for those interested in getting more serious about their nutrition.

Here are a few quick key points that we’ll touch on at the seminar:

  • How to increase Total Daily Energy Expenditure
  • More calories doesn’t = more fat
  • Our bodies are not a simple calorie in, calorie out
  • Food quality matters! And, will play huge impact on our GI tract
  • Eating grass fed and removing processed food will help us balance our Omega 3/6 ratio
  • NEAT is our low hanging fruit
  • Proportions of macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates and healthy Fats
  • No “one size fits all” plan
  • More veggies, less starch

The seminar is open to anyone interested in learning about how the Fast Factory approaches nutrition coaching. After learning about our approach and some nutrition baseline information, if you’re interested, you can sign up to work with a Personal Nutrition Coach 1 on 1.

Check out some of our current client before and after photos: