The Science of Nutrition and Body Recomposition Seminar

We recently hosted the Science of Nutrition and Body Recomposition Seminar for those interested in getting more serious about their nutrition – and, the turnout was amazing. We delivered the information to a jam packed room, and hope that all who attended left with some awesome takeaways and “light bulb moments”.

These two short hours allowed us just get started scratching the surface. However, it should have given members a great starting point!

Here are a few quick key points that we touched on last night…

  • We can increase TDEE by increasing our NEAT and Lean Muscle Mass
  • More calories doesn’t = more fat
  • Our bodies are not a simple calorie in, calorie out
  • Food quality matters and will play huge impact on our GI tract
  • Eating grass fed and removing processed food will help us balance our Omega 3/6 ratio
  • We need more Omega 3 and less Omega 6
  • NEAT is our low hanging fruit
  • Protein should start around 0.7lb of body weight
  • Protein quality matters
  • No “one size fits all” plan
  • More veggies, less starch
  • Small, steady progress is key
  • Most importantly, we are not searching for perfection but instead, trying to be better each day

If you are interested in joining our Nutrition Lab and working with a Personal Nutrition Coach 1 on 1, you may register here:

Registration will be open until Friday of next week (4/28). However, please do not wait to sign up, as it will delay your program being created. Once closed, we will not open the program until this group graduates – so don’t miss out!

Check out some of our current client before and after photos: